2019 Goals - Week 4 of 52

I am feeling better this week and I have been ticking away at some goals.

Financial Goals

1. Make a monthly budget and check in regularly.
I set up my January budget using Every Dollar and have been keeping track of my expenses. So far things are running smoothly.
January ✔✔✔✔ I checked in 1-2 times a week.

2. Save $1500 for car fund. $450/$1500
I have an automated transfer set up to save $50 every 4 weeks. I saved a big chunk last week. My car insurance is due in February so I doubt I will save as much.

3. Save $2000 for house updates. $400/$2000
I was able to save more then usual last week. I have been very mindful at not spending on other categories (clothes, household items, etc.) so I was able to save more.

4. Limit personal spending to $500 for the year. $0/$500
My personal items will include clothes, shoes, cosmetics, haircuts and personal gadgets.
No spending last week but I think I will buy a pair of jeans and a tube of mascara soon.
I just ordered a pair of jeans and will pick them up at the store. If they work out and I keep them I'll let you know!

Home and Garden Goals

5. Build a new chicken coop.
I think we will work on the coop in the spring or on a warm weekend.

6. Redesign front yard garden.
This will be something G and I do in the spring.

7. Paint trim, ceiling, walls and built-ins in living room.
I think this will happen in the next month or two. I like to work on inside projects during the winter.

8. Complete one large project.
We bought our home in 2015, had a new roof put on in 2016, painted our house in 2017 and did nothing in 2018 besides small projects so we are ready to do something big this year. We have many things we want to do to our home. Attic and crawlspace insulation, windows, driveway, or regrade backyard are some that come to mind.

Lifestyle Goals

9. Read/listen to 24 books. 1/24
I keep track of my progress on Good Reads.
1. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Currently listening to China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan (almost done!)
Currently reading The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel

10. Try weekly meal prepping for four weeks. 4/4 Complete!
Last Sunday was the fourth Sunday that I have prepped our meals in advance. I wasn't planning on doing all four weeks in a row but it worked out so well that I think I will keep up with it.

southwest quiche and no bake cookies

On Sunday I made instant pot salsa chicken and rice for Gavin's lunches (burrito bowls). I made a southwest style quiche for some of my lunches and to freeze. I also made no bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies for something sweet. We also have leftovers to work through the beginning of the week and we needed to have our monthly fish meal so I picked up salmon at Costco (love it and I can't seem to replicate it!). I like to make salmon burgers with the leftovers and freeze some for a quick meal later on. I washed fruit for two days.

Here's what I have planned for the week.

Saturday - IP chicken ramen (3 meals leftover)
Sunday - baked turmeric chicken with broccoli and mac and cheese (2 meals left)
Monday - leftover burgers, tater tots and sauteed veggies for dinner
Tuesday - leftover ramen
Wednesday - salmon milano (from Costco), baked sweet potatoes,
Thursday - salmon burgers, sweet potatoes
Friday - breakfast night? rotisserie chicken? date night?

11. 30 Days of Yoga. 21/30
I am following along the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene. I was late getting started but its better late than never! I began Yoga with Adriene's 30 Days of Yoga Challenge on January 7 so today is day 22 for me.

12. Travel to a new place.
G and I usually have our annual vacation in late summer or fall. We had a couples trip in early January.

1. The Homestead in Hotsprings, Virginia


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