May 2018 Front Yard Garden

I've been meaning to post some garden pictures for a while now. Better late than never! These were taken in May before it was terribly hot in North Carolina, zone 7b.

I planted Crimson Clover as a cover crop. I now have squash planted in that bed.

Jalapeno flowers

Along with veggies I have a few flower beds in the front yard. The Snapdragons were gorgeous this year!

I planted Yarrow late last summer and it has spread and has been attracting a lot of pollinators.

Lavender by the front steps.

Sugar snap pea season was short and sweet. It was really hot in June so they were scorched.

The other flower bed. The yellow flowers are Tickseed and I can't remember what the white flowers are. Purple Coneflowers are behind the white flowers and Black-eyed Susans are to the left.

Cherokee Purples are my favorite tomatoes to grow.

This is a shot from the driveway. The strawberry bed is in the foreground, carrots to the left, tomatoes to the right and chard, lettuce, peas and beans behind them. On the other side of the sidewalk I had turnips, peppers and squash.


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