2018 Goals - Week 6 of 52

I had a very slow week goal wise and life wise. I didn't feel well so I was out of work two days and I barely read. I've been feeling so blah and ready for winter to be passed us.

1. Complete 30 days of yoga. COMPLETED! I followed YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene to complete this goal. True 30 day yoga journey. 30/30

2. Read 20 books. I am done listening to Better Than Before. It was good for awhile but towards the end I felt like she was repeating herself. Glad it's behind me. I read a few pages of Manhatten Beach but haven't had time or haven't felt like reading the last few days. 5/20
1. MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood
2. Your Money or Your Life - Vicki Robin
3. The Cold Dish (Longmire Mystery series)- Craig Johnson
4. A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman
5. Better Than Before - Gretchen Rubin
up next Manhattan Beach - Jennifer Egan

3. Visit a national park. Acadia, Yellowstone, who knows? Now thinking Great Smokey Mountains will be easier, possibly done on a long weekend. Still really want to go to Maine too.
Summer - Ramsey Cascades
Great Smokey Mountains National Park

4. Save $2000 for house updates. I need to put $154 into the account every other paycheck (13 times) to make my goal. I just put $250 into this account. It feels good to not buy anything and save my money for big house repairs. Yea buddy! $1100/$2000 ($550 is from Christmas gifts)

5. Save $1000 towards a new car. I have an automatic draft set up for $50 every month to go into my car savings account. I’ll need to add the other $400 along the way. I've been dreaming about a Subaru; better keep saving! $150/$1000

6. Add 3 chicks to my flock. This won’t be happening until March/April. The hatchery posted again on Friday with lots of chicks. I'm crossing my fingers that she will have more in March! I am thinking about a Silver-laced or Golden-laced Wyandotte, Olive Egger and maybe another Barred Rock or Welsummer (I have had both before, good layers but died prematurely).

7. Cut back my food budget to $325/month ($3900/year). I started Friday with $150 for food and I'm down to $52. I bought some steak (it was on sale!) and salmon (also on sale!) this week so I spent more on meat than normal but Valentine's Day is Wednesday and we all know the way to a man's heart. ❤ I'll make up for it next week when we eat mostly chicken and maybe I'll cook the pork loin that is in the freezer.

8. No buying personal clothing and other items other than the following few items. No spending this week! I really like my cheap Cover Girl mascara. Doesn't go on too thick and rarely clumps.
Here are my estimates on the cost of the items I plan on buying in 2018 and what I really spent:
Hiking shoes $90
Running shoes $60  $30
Mascara $10 $5
Bra $30 $68
Undies $20 $9
Haircuts $90 ($15x6)

9. Complete a third round of Whole30. I started my third round on February 1st but I got sick on day 6 so I succumbed to frozen yogurt (for my sore throat!) and chicken noodle soup and crackers. Also used honey in my tea and cough drops (lots of sugar in those). Most of my meals stayed compliant although we went out of town Saturday and not a single meal stayed complaint (biscuit, pizza, hush puppies, oh my!). Oops. I don't know if I'll end up trying to do a full Whole30 or just trying to eat majority Paleo. I feel so much better when I am not eating dairy and wheat products.

10. Have a better, more efficient garden. No progress. I need to look at what I already have on hand and then order what I need. If it isn't pouring rain when I get home I plan to sow some crimson clover as a spring cover crop and for the bees.

11. Sell excess produce, honey and eggs at my neighborhood farmers market. Nothing to sell this time of year. Losing the bees and having older hens will limit what I sell.

12. Be a better beekeeper. We lost all 4 hives. I think the bees froze to death. We plan to buy one package this spring and G will put his name on the swarm list so maybe we can catch a few this year.

13. Finish a craft project. Complete! Let's see if I can do some more.
I darned one sock.
I sewed a bandanna for my pup Ellie. Then I made a second one for my mom's dog.
I patched a hole in a Smartwool sock that Ellie chewed when she was a pup. It isn't very comfortable but it was good practice. The pair was practically new so I think I'll make a rice heating pad to use with the good sock. We are having a lot more aches and pains lately.


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