Menu Plan - Week 2

It was another easy week of meals with two free Blue Apron meals and some frozen salmon patties I made a few weeks ago.

January 7 - spaghetti. I eat with spaghetti squash and G has it on noodles.
January 8 - salmon burgers, sweet potato fries and apple sauce
January 9 - leftover salmon burgers, hummus and carrots. We got home late and I didn't feel like making a real side.
January 10 - Brunswick stew and cornbread
January 11 - Blue Apron steak,rice, bokchoy and mushrooms
January 12 - Blue Apron barramundi and roasted veggies
January 13 - leftover steak turned into fajitas

Honey-Butter Barramundi with Za'atar Roasted Vegetables

Next week's plan hasn't come together just yet. I am almost out of meat in the freezer and fresh produce so I'll have to stock up. I am a little scared of the fish meal from Blue Apron that we are fixing for dinner tonight. I have only tried baking salmon and cod and this is a whole different fish with skin. If I'm not into eating it as a filet I will try and make a fish burger out of the leftovers. I am trying to become a regular fish eater but sometimes I just can't handle the fishy taste or texture and I have to disguise it with bread crumbs and fry it. :D We are taking a day trip to the mountains this weekend so the possibility of eating out for one or two meals is highly likely.


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