Menu Plan - Week 1

Since I am posting this late... this is what we ate for the first week of the new year.

December 31 - appetizers at a New Year's Eve party
January 1 - ham and bean soup with cornbread
January 2 - leftover soup with cornbread
January 3 - white chicken chili with cheese quesadillas
January 4 - leftover soup with tortilla chips
January 5 - Blue Apron General Tso's chicken with rice and bokchoy
January 6 - Blue Apron beef medallions with a mustard and mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and kale

I don't normally subscribe to a meal delivery service but I couldn't pass up a coupon to receive two meals (2 servings each) for $8 shipped to my door. I spent very little on dinners this week. I used leftover ham for the soup and beans that were given to me. I used some shredded chicken from a rotisserie chicken that I had leftover and beans and salsa that I had on hand for the white chicken chili.

I eat two eggs over easy every morning with coffee. G eats a toasted English muffin with honey and peanut butter. We both drink a fruit smoothie with Vega protein and greens powder as a morning snack.
Our lunches are either leftovers from dinner, a sandwich or a salad. I cut up fruit for each of us, usually strawberries, blueberries and something exciting like pineapple, kiwi or grapes. G gets some kind of snack item like chips or popcorn. He also gets a granola bar or fig bars.
Afternoon snack is trail mix or a piece of fruit.

I am going to attempt to take pictures of what I bought each week with the total I spent. We try not to eat out often and to save our money for when friend's invite us out, when traveling, birthdays and for when I don't feel up to cooking. Sometimes we eat out 6 times a month and sometimes only 2 times.

I spent $143 on groceries since December 29. This includes $25 on dog dental treats... I know she's spoiled but at least her teeth aren't rotten. She has trained me to give her a "greenie" (really the Costco brand) every morning.


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